Associate College

We are committed to developing our young lawyers into confident, sharply skilled and well-rounded trial attorneys. The Associate College curriculum is designed to build confidence and develop the next generation of trial lawyers and firm leaders.  The purpose of this formal structure is to train all associates to be well rounded litigators with command of managing their own cases through all phases of litigation, managing client relationships and marketing and business development. The RKC Associate College also serves as an excellent recruiting tool to attract the finest candidates for open positions.

The program is designed to develop practical skills for attorneys at different levels of experience, whether they are recent law school graduates or more senior associates moving towards partnership. 

Training Seminars

The program comprises seminar presentations, some of which will be followed by practical workshops, and all are led by partners.   Associates sharpen their skills with feedback from the participating senior attorneys.  The schedule of topics include, but are not limited to, handling written discovery, preparing for and taking expert testimony, effective communication, arbitration, identifying Daubert issues, marketing and business development, trial and case management strategies.  The firm applies for CLE credits for as many of these presentations as possible.

Gaining Experience

Each associate receives two checklists to track both events attended and documents prepared. The checklists include items such as taking depositions, oral argument at hearings and drafting summary judgment motions. These checklists were implemented with hopes to ensure all associates are gaining a balanced and well-rounded working experience.

Associates are given a matter number to track their time devoted to activities for the Associate College.  Along with feedback from participating attorneys, including partners and senior associates, this assists the firm with its planning, analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of the program and the rewards of the investment made. 

 Value to Clients

The value to clients is that they will have better trained and better prepared attorneys handling their cases, and who will work more efficiently and cost effectively. Additionally, when practical, the firm hopes to use actual cases in a mock trial setting to help the working attorneys involved prepare the case.  This of course, would be at no cost to clients.

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