Automotive and Motorcycles

Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell originally built its reputation as one of the leading law firms in the defense of automotive product liability cases. For more than thirty years, we have defended automotive manufacturers and component suppliers in general commercial litigation, as well as in lawsuits involving severe or fatal injuries caused by automobile accidents.  Automotive product liability cases require complex, specialized technical investigations and forensic testing, as well as the ability to manage extensive document and deposition discovery.  Our attorneys have vast experience in these matters, having tried many lawsuits to a defense verdict or, where appropriate, a successfully negotiated resolution.

The twenty-first century has brought exciting changes to the automotive industry and the nature of automotive product liability cases.  "Black boxes" now record information about the deployment of airbags and other information about the vehicle as it goes through an accident, which greatly aids in the analysis of accident dynamics.  Our attorneys pride themselves on keeping abreast of such technical developments and on using their experience gained through decades of litigation, to efficiently and defend clients in catastrophic exposure cases.

Product liability litigation involving motorcycles, driven both on-road and off-road, requires a specialized understanding of the unique dynamics of their operation and performance. This litigation also requires a specialized understanding of the biomechanical and kinematic issues relating to injuries sustained or claimed by motorcycle operators and passengers.  Issues involving product liability claims against motorcycle manufacturers range from those related to handling--including suspension, steering, tires, and throttles--to operation of the manufacturer's engines and drive trains.

Our attorneys also pride themselves on thoroughly understanding the circumstances of each accident, as well as the functional characteristics of each motorcycle. This allows an accurate analysis of the issues in each case, a thorough evaluation of the case for our clients, and preparation of the most comprehensive defense possible.  RKC's thorough investigations of the facts in each case, combined with technical acumen, allows RKC attorneys and staff to provide the most efficient and effective defense in these frequently catastrophic injury cases.

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