Pesticides and Pest Control

We represent one of the leading companies in the pest control industry.

Industry leaders and their counsel resolve the overwhelming majority of pest-related issues to the satisfaction of customers, making lawsuits unnecessary.  However, some customers make protracted litigation unavoidable.

Consumers and commercial entities at times buy less expensive termite contracts that do not provide for damage repair. To overcome contractual limitations, consumers will sue in tort, alleging fraud, racketeering, and other nefarious claims in an attempt to obtain leverage in settlement negotiations.  RKC attorneys are well versed in defending against these tactics.

In our experience, Plaintiffs will often exaggerate the amount of termite damage in hopes of obtaining a larger settlement or jury verdict than warranted. We work with experts in construction, forensic structural engineering, and entomology to present accurate and truthful damage evidence to jurors, courts, and arbitrators. 

Our attorneys have gained enormous experience in defending pest control companies against attempts to sue as class actions.

Aside from our trial experience, RKC has won significant appellate victories, which have changed the way these cases are litigated and the damages litigants may recover under certain legal theories.

We also handle matters for the pest control industry before the Florida Department of Agriculture and Attorney General.

We help leading pest control companies revise their customer contracts for compliance with the Department of Agriculture's latest regulatory changes.

Finally, RKC defends chemical manufacturers and pest control companies in toxic tort casualty cases.
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