Talks with Dan Gerber about Monsanto's Class Action Appeal of a $289 Million Roundup Verdict


Monsanto: Roundup Jurors Swayed Judge

In the article, published in “Critical Mass” by on May 8, Amanda Bronstad writes, “Monsanto may have lost two verdicts over its herbicide Roundup, with another trial expected to wrap up this week, but the fight on appeal has just begun. Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, has appealed last year’s jury award of $289 million, which San Francisco Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bolanos reduced to $78 million.”

Monsanto’s argument is that while Bolano reduced the jury’s award, she was influenced by jurors and press coverage following the verdict to uphold punitive damages.

“Monsanto’s filing is innovative and brings up an important question about when a juror’s role ends, and what influence the jury can have in post-trial motion practice,” Gerber shares.

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